• 65''


  • Perfect Curved Screen
  • 4K UHD Panel
  • iSmart TV
  • C-Store
  • Full Web Browser
  • Amazing 3D
  • Free Share
  • 4k 60P H.265/HEVC
  • WCG
  • EMR 800Hz
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Perfect Curved Screen

Perfect Curved Screen - Changhong curved LED TV provides equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes, and the degree of curvature is based on carefully the natural form of human sight and vision. Enjoy perfectly wide viewing angle with no distortion of contrast or color with Changhong Curved TV.

4K UHD Panel

4K(3840*2160) UHD Panel - Presenting a whole new level of picture quality, boasting a resolution 4 times higher than Full HD. Naturally, it is incredibly vivid and crisp, even when viewed from close distances.

iSmart TV

So Fast So Easy Channel classification, Get what you want fast.


CHANGHONG C-Store was developed on cloud technology, an app store designed for smart TV users; It contains nearly a thousand globalization and localization of online applications such as audio and video, online shopping, games, information.

Full Web Browser

The new tools with the innovated functions improve the webpage browse mode and browse experience. You can also personalize your own browse mode as you like.

Amazing 3D

Equipped Changhong 3D TV with CINEMA 3D technology, the upshot is completely comfortable and utterly compelling entertainment not only in your living room, but in your bedroom, your study, or anywhere else. Using a special conversion algorithm that converts normal 2D videos to 3D videos, now you’re able to enjoy the 3D experience with a variety of sources simply by pressing the “3D” button on your remote control.

Free Share

With Free Share you can connect all of your compatible AV devices wirelessly, so that you can spend more time on relaxing and enjoying your digital contend.

4k 60P H.265/HEVC

The built-in HEVC is the format that will be the future standard for 4k video compression. CHANGHONG new 4K TV with H.265/HEVC and HDMI2.0 supports 4k video with 60 frames per second delivering clear and blur-free motions.


In HD signal, the WCG(wide color gamut) of FHD is 90% while UHD is 110%.

EMR 800Hz

Optimized Image processing and Backlight controlling, dramatically improve the motion image quality, dynamic contrast ratio and sharpness.